Liturgical Year

These are the titles we publish that concern the Liturgical Year:

Catholic Mosaic: An illustrated-book study guide for Catholic children by Cay Gibson

The book includes study guides for 52 children’s picture books and is organized by themes in the liturgical year. But it’s much more than that . . . this book is a treasure that you can mine for years, a mosaic of great ideas and activities to make the year of the Church come alive for your children. The guides are considered samples of what you could do with your children — the method may be used with any picture book. Some of the books featured in Catholic Mosaic are out of print (that happens so often in the publishing world), but many are available from the library.

Christmas Mosaic: An illustrated-book study for Advent and Christmas  by Cay Gibson

A set of study guides for parents and teachers who wish to share Christmas-themed picture books with their children. 30 children’s books are featured with discussion questions, vocabulary, and enrichment activities. Includes an extensive list of over 200 Christmas picture book titles, crafts, poems, and recipes.

Fenestrae Fidei by Sean Fitzpatrick

A Coloring Companion for Catholic Mosaic. This beautiful, original coloring book features a coloring page for every saint and feast day included in Catholic Mosaic, as well as about 20 others. (So, it can be used even if you’re not using Catholic Mosaic.) There are four coloring pages per month. Click on the List of Illustrations link below to see all the saints and feasts included. All artwork is the original work of Sean Fitzpatrick and it is done in an iconic style. We thought that this style fit best with the “mosaic” theme. Each picture looks like a stained glass window. While older students will enjoy coloring intricate details of the drawings, this book could be enjoyed by a child as young as 6 years old.

Mondays with Mary, Second Edition by Meredith Henning

A collection of devotions, crafts, and recipes for Marian themed teatimes. Using the Litany of Loreto (the names by which Mary is honored), as a guide Mrs. Henning has designed a year’s worth of devotional teatime activities for Catholic families. Honoring Mary throughout the Liturgical year has never been easier or more fruitful.