Literature Guides

Blue Cross study edition coverThe Blue Cross Study Edition is available here. This guide focuses on the very first Father Brown Mystery that he wrote. Mrs. Brown has written a comprehensive study guide with vocabulary, discussion questions, and word study. Your student will find much food for thought while becoming acquainted with this great writer. The study guide includes the complete text of the story along with illustrations by Sean Fitzpatrick.


Study Guides and Discussion Guides are listed on separate pages on this blog. Study guides are more involved and may include chapter questions, vocabulary, and in depth writing prompts. Discussion guides can be used when the student has finished the entire book, but may include questions for chapters or sections of the book. The main purpose of theĀ  discussion guide is to help the parent-teacher discuss the book with the student easily. They include a synopsis of the story, discussion questions, and a few ideas for writing prompts. The guides for younger children may also include art ideas.