Discussion Guides

Discussion Guides include a synopsis of the story for the teacher, questions, writing prompts and sometimes art projects. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE GUIDES ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR INSTANT DOWNLOAD. I SEND THEM TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AS SOON AS I CAN. Please contact me at


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Adam of the Road – book by Elizabeth Janet Gray $1.00

A Single Shard -Book by Linda Sue Park $2.00

Augustine Came to Kent – Book by Barbara Willard $1.00

A Triumph for Flavius -Book by Caroline Dale Snedeker $1.00

Brendan the Navigator – book by Jean Fritz $1.00

Cross Among the Tomahawks- book by Milton Lomask $1.00

Fingal’s Quest – Book by Madeleine Polland  $1.00

Ides of April -book by Mary Ray $1.00

I, Juan de Pareja – book by Elizabeth Borton de Trevino $1.00

Master Puppeteer -book by Katharine Paterson $2.00

Ships Boy with Magellan – book by Milton Lomask $1.00

Son of Charlemagne -book by Barbara Willard $1.00

Stone Fox – book by John Reynolds Gardiner $2.00

Sutcliff Series: Eagle of the Ninth, The Silver Branch, and The Lantern Bearers – Books by Rosemary Sutcliff  $2.00

Sword of Clontarf – book by Charles Brady $2.00

The Black Arrow – book by Robert Louis Stevenson $1.00

The Bronze Bow  – book by Elizabeth George Speare $2.00

The Courage of Sarah Noble – book  by Alice Dalgliesh $2.00

The Good Master -book  by Kate Seredy $2.00

The King’s Thane – book by Charles Brady $1.00

The Matchlock Gun -book  by Walter Edmunds $2.00

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights – Book by Howard Pyle $2.00

The Whipping Boy -book by Sid Fleischman $1.00

The White Stag -book  by Kate Seredy $1.00


Mother of Divine Grace Titles

Ancient Titles used in MODG Syllabus 7th grade: Children’s Homer, A Triumph for Flavius, Caesar’s Gallic War, The Bronze Bow, Ides of April, Eagle of the Ninth, and The Silver Branch $5.50

Medieval Titles used in MODG Syllabus 8th grade: Fingal’s Quest, Augustine Came to Kent, Son of Charlemagne, The Story of King Arthur and His Knights, The Door in the Wall, Adam of the Road, and The Black Arrow  $5.50